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When should you mute yourself during a video call?

Many people are on video calls nowadays. But there’s a question that always goes unanswered.

When should you mute yourself and when is it okay to have your camera off?

So here’s Justin's ruling:

“If there are more than five people on the call, don’t mute yourself. If there are six or more, mute unless you’re the person currently talking.

Wait, how did you come up with this criteria?

Well, a colleague Erin suggested that whatever number of people you can see on the screen at one time...that should be five right? That should determine whether you should mute or not. This is because you can only pick up someone’s non-verbal cues, to know when they’re about to speak when you can see them.

Other reasons to mute yourself:

  • Someone is presenting

  • Loud noise happening nearby

  • You’re eating

  • You’re interrupted

Should I leave the video on?

Well, for this let’s rule yes. It makes everyone feel like they’re in the same room. However, here are some exceptions.

  • Your internet connection is bad

  • You’re currently in transit

  • You’re in a large meeting and don’t plan on saying anything

  • Everyone in the call agreed to do voice-only

It doesn’t matter how great video conferencing becomes. Video meetings will never be quite the same as in-person ones.

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