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YouTube SEO Guide: How to Optimize Your Videos for Search 

YouTube is a platform to pull audiences, not only for entertainment but edutainment. People use this platform to solve their day to day problems related to work, study and hobbies.

Optimizing your videos for YouTube search can help boost your Google ratings. Something that helps you build a bigger omnipresent brand.

To rank well in the YouTube and Google search, your videos need to be optimized effectively.

How to optimize your videos

  • Identify your keyword - Use platforms like TubeBuddy, VidiQ, Ahref’s Keyword Explore and Google Trends for Keyword research

  • Change your video filename - YouTube is metadata driven.Your video file name must be labelled with your keyword

  • Optimize your YouTube video titles - Add the keyword to the title of your video

  • Optimize your video description - Use your keyword throughout your description

  • Add tags - Use tags sparingly

  • Create an attractive thumbnail image- Create engaging thumbnails

  • Include a face picture on your thumbnail- The more emotive the face,the better.

  • Break the mold- Colors that clash or stand-out draw more attention to your thumbnail

  • Use text - Add captions to your thumbnail

  • Add subtitles - Subtitles are searchable by YouTube. You can upload your own or use the ones by YouTube

  • Use YouTube Cards and End Screens - These are really helpful to drive traffic

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