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15 Best Online YouTube Thumbnail Makers to Boost Click-Through Rate

An eye-catching YouTube thumbnail can make all the difference between a viewer clicking on your video or continuing to scroll. But how do you create them, especially if you don’t have great graphic design skills? The easiest way, of course, is to use an online YouTube thumbnail maker.

YouTube Video Thumbnail Best Practices

  • Keep it simple

  • Keep it relevant

  • Keep it at high contrast

  • Keep it branded

15 Best Online YouTube Thumbnail Makers

  1. Canva- Free plan, more than a million templates, graphics, pictures and fonts,$120 a year for the pro version.

  2. Adobe Spark -Free layouts, customizable backgrounds, text and colours,$100 a year for the premium plan.

  3. Fotor - Simple user-friendly interface, free plan,$40 premium annual plan.

  4. Snappa - Versatile, easy to use, limitless, custom fonts, backgrounds, free version,$120 annual plan for all features.

  5. Visme - Tones of templates, drag and drop, brand colours option, tiered pricing(individual, business, education)paid plans start at $168 per year.

  6. Bannersnack- Eye-catching thumbnails, all tools available, made by pro designers, 10 designs free,$84 yearly plan.

  7. Fotojet- Photo editing, graphic design, collage-making, over 500 templates, simple, easy to use, no sign-ups, free plan,$40 a year.

  8. Picmonkey- More than 100 YouTube thumbnails, in-depth tutorials, Basic plan $72 a year.

  9. Pixteller - Free plan, pre-made templates, filters and fonts,$84/year.

  10. Backgrounder- Very basic and simple, Free, ads in your workspace.

  11. Picmaker - More than 100,000 graphic elements, 700+ professionally designed templates, free with simple sign-up.

  12. Crello - 20,000+ templates, huge image library,250 fonts, supports multiple alphabets like Hebrew,$96 a year.

  13. PlaceIt - Easy design tool, customizable,$89 a year.

  14. Pixelixe - Online tool, drag and drop, limited free version, $84 for an all-access plan.

  15. Be Funky- All in one online platform, limited free version, $60 a year for greater creative freedom.

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