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3 Ways to Boost the Performance of Your Facebook Ads

Facebook is still a looming giant in the social media space. 89% of marketers use Facebook as their primary social media because no platform has a larger audience right now.

It’s important to realize that reach and resonance are not connected. You can reach so many people on Facebook but do they stop scrolling and click on your ad?

To get people clicking, your ad presentation should align with your clients. This requires understanding your clients.

1.Build Proper Retargeting Campaigns

Reaching your old customers and leads is a really effective way to boost your Facebook campaign performance.

Both Facebook ad Google can be used to optimize campaign performance based on interactions on your site.

Oribi is easy to use an analytics tool that tracks events seamlessly and will export data into Facebook automatically to optimize your campaigns.

2.Start Excluding

The exclusion and focus options in Facebook’s ad targeting tools are very important. There’s, of course, the impulse of wanting to include as much demographic as possible but social media ads work in a very different way. The more your audience sees them, the less likely they are to follow the links. So avoid over-exposing people who have already seen your ads and bought your products/services.

3. Get Your Customers Involved

Testimonials are nice but they don’t capture user to user engagement. Optimize your call to actions by asking customers to review the product on the thread they discovered it. This adds authenticity and facilitates word of mouth.


As noted, utilizing advanced targeting and understanding your audiences will really help you maximize your Facebook ads.

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