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6 Business Needs You Must Maintain to Grow During a Crisis

A business crisis is a series of events that disrupt business, resulting in extreme difficulty.

Crisis forces decision-makers to take action quickly in a situation where planning is not possible.

Types of crisis

Here are a few common crises that have the potential to impact your company:

  • Natural disasters: Hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods and others.

  • An outbreak of disease or infection: Viruses and other things that pose health concerns. Like what is currently ongoing with the coronavirus.

  • IT system failure and cybercrime: Attacks by hackers, system outages and computer viruses etc

  • Loss or illness of essential staff: The death of significant staff members or serious illness resulting in incapacitation.

  • Ethical misconduct: Something occurs within your company that requires some legal action or other reprimands due to ethical misconduct.

  • Fire: Accidental or as a result of arson.

  • Vandalism or theft: Products or equipment are stolen or destroyed.

How a crisis impacts your business.

According to a 2017 Global survey, 70% of business leaders have experienced a crisis in the last three years.

PwC stated that the greatest impacts that a crisis had on businesses were business relationships, reputation, employee morale, economic loss and legal issues.

Other impacts a crisis may have in your business

  • Loss in productivity

  • Uncertain Compliance Obligations

  • Prospective clients postponing commitments

  • Cancelled events

  • Low consumer spending

  • Location or office closures

  • Lay-offs and terminations

6 business needs you should never ignore during a crisis:

  1. Marketing efforts: You can change your marketing initiatives but don’t stop.

  2. Sales initiatives: Your sales needs to be humanized and adaptable to customer needs.

  3. Budget and revenue management: Keeping a strategic budget is key during a crisis.

  4. Customer experience: You must continue to offer the best customer service experience to your clients.

  5. Retaining talent: Display care for your employees and reduce turnover

  6. Database management: Make sure your data is being updated, backed up and stored well.

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