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9 Facebook Features and Updates You Must Know About

Social media is a source of endless entertainment and competition with different platforms battling to bring new products and features to the market.

When it comes to the social sphere, Facebook is at the forefront. Facebook has had to battle with privacy policies, censorship and advertising issues.

They have also managed to provide valuable features.

In this blog post, we’re looking at nine features Facebook’s recently released.

  1. Workplace gets enhancement - an official business tool that enhances connectedness.Safe and secure space for co-workers to connect using video calls. Live Producer is a way to share your screen, host live Q&A and vote for questions

  2. Gaming Gets Fan subscriptions and in-stream ad breaks

  3. Facebook Shops is Live - Shops offer the chance to view complete collections, save favourite products, and order them directly through Facebook if you like.

  4. GIPHY is now a Facebook company - Facebook closed on GIPHY for an estimated $400 million.

  5. Content gets context - By notifying users of the age a piece of content users are able to make an informed decision on the information they read.

  6. 3D images now available - they allow users to create and publish immersive 3D pictures, and you can for your brand, too.

  7. Access royalty-free music - Facebook has introduced thousands of royalty-free songs and music collections.

  8. Creator studio updates - Creator Studio now offers analytics that show who your loyal and repeat followers are and can tell what average watch time and retention rates are for videos

  9. Spy on competitors - Facebook’s Pages now offers a Watch feature. It’s designed to help you keep tabs on pages of interest.

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