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9 Ways to Crush the End of a Blog Post

It is important as a marketer to write a good conclusion in your blog posts. Every sentence should either move your story forward or reveal some information even as you write a conclusion.

Here are some top nine ways to write an awesome conclusion to your blog post.

Write a summary

A summary should cover the most important points in your article and include actionable conclusions that can educate the readers.

Ask questions

A blog post should feel conversational and not dictatorial. Engaging your readers in this way is great to create that tone.

Include a call-to-action(CTA)

This could be asking your readers to subscribe to your content, offer or service.

Inspire your audience

Don’t you want to feel inspired when you read through a blog-post? Challenge your readers to do something.

Direct your readers to do something

You’d be surprised at how many people do stuff simply because they have been asked. For example, It could be a request to share or comment

Provide links to another blog post

One of the most notable features on YouTube is the recommended videos on the side. This is the reason most of us spend hours on YouTube. You want to enact the same effect to your readers.

Start a discussion

If your post warrants a discussion, it’s great to initiate a conversation

Produce a teaser

You want to use this to tell your readers what’s coming up next on your content menu. A lot of podcasters do this as well at the end of their podcasts to build anticipation

Answer Who, What, When, Where and How

Ultimately, you want your readers to either continue to your site, engage with your brand, download content offered, share on social media. Think of the who, what, when and how to have everything covered.

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