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9 Websites to Visit for Amazing GIFs

GIFS are an internet mainstay. They are here to stay and being used

What is a GIF?

GIFs are animations based on timed delays. They are also set in loops, this makes them enjoyable.

The great thing about GIFs is that there’s one for every moment. They can be used for stunning images in presentations.

The power of GIFs

  • Can boost open rates by 6%

  • Can increase click rates by 42%

  • Drove a 103% increase in conversions

  • Grew revenue by 109%

Where to find the best GIFs


  • Recently acquired by Facebook for $400 million

  • 700 million users

  • 10 billion GIFS each day

  • Videos and memes

  • Available as iOS and Android apps


  • 100 million monthly website visits

  • 30 % of visitors from the US


  • GIFBin staff create some of its GIFs

  • Receive just under 50k monthly visits

  • France and the US make p a third of GIFBin’s most frequent visitors


  • Hosts over 500 million blogs

  • Over 15million posts published each day

  • Users can post text, photos, GIFs, videos and audio


  • Receives 11.2 million visits per month

  • Offers API and Slack integration


  • Reaches 300 million people per month

  • Receives one billion post views per month

  • Offers Imgur Emerald, a subscription service,ad-free experience and premium perks.


  • 300 million monthly users

  • 12 billion searches per month

  • Available as iOS and Android apps

Reddit’s GIFs community facts and figures:

  • Created in 2009

  • 21 million members

  • Supports gif, .gifv, .ogg, .mp4, and .webm file formats

  • Available as iOS and Android apps

  • Also has sister Reddit’s for many other categories

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