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Again no good headline - This A-Z Guide promises remedy

It is not easy to find headings for your own content that will generate a lot of clicks. But

this alphabet can make your work easier and serve as a guide.

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Content marketers face the same problem every day: How do I find the perfect headline

for my content? And admittedly, the question is a valid one. If you want to be serious,

you have to refrain from Clickbait à la BILD newspaper. But disdainful descriptions don't

lure anyone either. You have to find the right measure. Your headline must attract

attention, but at the same time should not be exaggerated, lie or completely written in

caps lock. But help is at hand: Author Berry Feldman has compiled an A-to-Z guide at

the Content Marketing Institute that can help you write your headlines.

The most important points at a glance

In detail you can read the A to Z of the perfect headline in the infographics below. But

first, we would like to go into the most important points in more detail:

E is for Emotion

Emotions move people. Therefore, an emotional headline is the perfect fishing lure. It

doesn’t have to be tragic, all emotions of the audience can be addressed. Funny

headlines are also popular, especially if they are based on sarcasm or irony. But anger

can also be triggered when it comes to a particularly serious topic.

F is for Facts

Facts also make a good heading, because it should tell something about the content.

The classic Clickbait headlines like, "No joke! This video will make you speechless”,

doesn’t say anything about the content. The only information value for the audience is

that it is a video in which - perhaps - something extraordinary happens. So let the

clickbait tell the people what to expect.

H is for Help

People seem to be addicted to advisors who help them through life. Therefore, you

should also suggest help in your headlines if possible. Let readers know what it's worth

to view your content. Lifehack is in this sense a good keyword, which is often clicked, as

well as optimization or time saving (depending on your industry of course).

K is for Keywords

And while we're on the subject of keywords: The right keywords make your headlines

more attractive. In addition, your content is more likely to reach your target group when

Google searches, which usually searches for certain words or phrases. So try to name a

certain topic in your headline, like New Work, Self-Improvement, Social Media

Marketing, Content Marketing ... The keywords of course depend on what kind of

content you post.

L is for Lists

Apart from guidebooks, people also seem to love clarity. Listicles are therefore popular

and click strong. So if you post a list about how a certain goal can be reached, or just a

ranking, mention it in your headline. Examples of this are: "The 10 largest / strongest /

most influential ..." or "In 5 steps to ...".

O is for Opinion

If an opinion is represented in a heading, it is attractive for two parties; on the one hand

the supporters who feel confirmed, and on the other hand the opponents who are

provoked and want to get an idea of the arguments of the opposing side. So your

headline can also be your own statement, or that of an expert.

T is for Teaser

Don't misunderstand: To suggest something in your headline is completely okay and

arouses the curiosity of your target group. It should only stay within a certain range and

should not resemble the annoying clickbait described above. To cite a recent example

from our editorial team, ”How Girls' Day is changing the world of work". The headline

clearly expresses what it's about, but is also a teaser through the use of the word "like".

The alphabet for the perfect headline

Now finally to Feldman's infographics. Look at them, internalize the individual points and think about how you can use them to optimize your headlines. It can also be helpful to look back at your content and analyze under which kind of headlines you could generate a lot of clicks and a high engagement. It goes without saying that this graphic

does not provide the perfect solution or the absolutely right approach in every context

and for all headings. Creativity, a knowledge of your readership and a feel for the right

words remain important factors for a strong headline. And, of course, the actual content

must not be neglected; it starts with the excerpt.

Author Berry Feldman's A to Z guide to writing headlines for online content

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