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Always be networking: 4 ways to automate your connections

ABF. Always Be Flirting. This is not meant romantically. Relationships should be something you aim to build throughout your entire career.

When the time comes that you’re looking for new opportunities, you won’t be scrambling through your contacts to reach out.

This kind of networking can be so tedious for introverts. However, Zappier can help you automate that!

To start, you’ll click on pre-made workflows and customize them.

Organize your cold networking

What if you had your own CRM for networking? Creating this enables you to work on follow-ups and organizing professional contacts.

Whenever you see someone post a topic on Twitter that you are interested in, use a Zap to add messages to your CRM.

If you are shy or unsure about reaching out after that first contact, here are some zaps to help:

Try Zaps that automatically send an email to new contacts you add to your Google Contacts or MS Outlook.

Respond to Twitter follows.

Work conferences are great for your Twitter game. With the move to virtual conferences recently, the pace is different so set up a Zap to send a tweet to your new Twitter followers.

Keep your existing network updated

Keep your mentors—and other folks in your professional network—updated on what you've been doing, and offer to help them out as well if they need it. The simplest way to do so is by setting up an automatic workflow to create email drafts on a schedule to send out.

Try “Find Nearby” on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has a Find Nearby feature on IOS and ANDROID APPS which allows you to find the profiles of people nearby. It's a handy feature for those in-person conferences, meetups and networking events

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