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Analysis of over 40,000 LinkedIn posts: Text posts and PDFs Deliver The Most Engagement

Niklas Lewanczik | 05.10.22

While photo and link posts are the most common on LinkedIn, PDFs, and text posts are rare. Yet they deliver the most engagement in percentage terms. Read more about the results of the LinkedIn study in the DACH region.

Agorapulse analyzed thousands of LinkedIn posts to find out :

  • What type of posts are used most often?

  • How often hashtags are used.

  • Which posts stand out for engagement?

It turns out that while hashtags and link posts are popular, they don't necessarily drive engagement. However, other formats are suitable for this.

Photo posts and link posts are most popular with company accounts on LinkedIn.

The company Agorapulse first took a close look at a total of 41,100 posts from business accounts on LinkedIn in the DACH region. Particular attention was paid to both post types and interactions - comments, shares, and likes. The most popular post types in the analysis were photo posts (45.1 percent of all posts) and link posts (42.4 percent of all posts). Video posts, on the other hand, were only identified in 9.3 percent of all posts, and text and PDF posts only accounted for around five percent.

For many companies, using photos and videos on LinkedIn is part of a good posting. After all, Agorapulse showed in the analysis that such visuals ensure significantly more engagement than, for example, link posts. Videos in particular offer advantages in this context.

More engagement thanks to PDFs

The PDF integration in the LinkedIn post is one option to ensure more interactions apart from video posts.

However, PDF posts are used extremely rarely in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland as well as globally.

But internationally, they generate a particularly high level of engagement. This has been shown by an extended analysis of 1.3 million posts worldwide. Agorapulse looked at posts in 182 countries and found that text posts and PDF posts generated the most interactions in this data set.

You can find more information about the study on Agorapulse's blog. New features and tools can also ensure more engagement and attention on LinkedIn. For example, LinkedIn now allows the tagging of people and companies in the newsletter and offers the possibility to present products on company pages.

Check out the original adaptation here

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