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Artificial intelligence begins to show signs of human-like creativity

The novel “The Road” was written by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Te end result was an AI-penned version of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road.

This novel is just an example of how AI can be used for creative endeavours. Musicians, artists and writers have largely assumed that a machine could never replicate their work. Maybe this confidence was misplaced.

AI is already here, when customers experience issues with a product or service, the first point of contact is a website where they may be engaged by a Virtual Assistant or a chatbot with a friendly-looking avatar with surprisingly human-like responses.

In manufacturing companies like BMW and LG, AI is used to deliver efficiency, safety and reliability on the factory floor. In homes, vacuum cleaners can scan room sizes for obstacles and get to work.

While all these feats are impressive, whether they represent AI is debatable.

Artificial general intelligence refers to a machine that can apply knowledge and skills within different contexts- in short, learn by itself and work out problems like a human.

Journalists should be concerned too as a number of media outlets including Forbes and Reuters are already using AI for content production.

Meanwhile, Sony has used a machine learning platform called Flow Machines to create a song in the style of the Beatles. Google’s Deep Dream Generator has been used to create otherworldly pieces of art, some of which have fetched thousands of dollars at auction.

Creative AI poses a new threat to the workforce. According to a 2018 report by PwC, as many as 30% of existing jobs could face automation by the mid-2030s.

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