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business campaigning with Artificial Intelligence at the Campaigning Summit

Dietikon, Switzerland – business campaigning GmbH now offers campaigns with Artificial Intelligence. To achieve this, they have entered into a strategic partnership with the German provider Liquid Newsroom. Close cooperation between business campaigning and Liquid Newsroom has existed since the summer of 2017. “The successes and results in the use of artificial intelligence have now moved us to take this step forward,” says Peter Metzinger, owner and CEO of business campaigning GmbH. business campaigning GmbHbecomes exclusive distributor of Liquid Newsroom in Switzerland. At the Campaigning Summit Switzerland on March 16th concrete applications will be displayed.

The No.1 agency for campaigning in Switzerland first collaborated with Liquid Newsroom as part of the “Altersvorsorge 2020” campaign. In marketing, AI can provide important information to influencers and target groups that are otherwise difficult to identify. With the help of the technology, communication measures can be set up with significantly more purpose and placed within the correct target group at placed at the optimum moment. Which topics are actually discussed in the market and what statements resonate in society are thus objectifiable. The technological advantage is also shown through the example of efficiency. Market research often takes weeks to reach a result, but it is now possible to gain data in real time so that important changes in mood can be detected immediately. Using the example of “Altersvorsorge 2020”, Liquid Newsroom’s analyses, which was independent of opinion polls, already provided strong indicators in August, over a month before the vote, that the pension reform would be rejected.

In addition, so called personality profiles and buying centre analyses by Liquid Newsroom were used by the agency in sales and key accounts, for example to prepare sales talks or presentations. With personality analyses, it is possible to increase relevance for discussion partners and allow buying centre analyses to identify the right people in advance in order to be as efficient as possible.

As part of the strategic partnership, both companies plan to increasingly develop product and service offerings that are specially adapted to the needs of the Swiss market. In a first pilot project a first customer was already secured. 

Based on these experiences and the strategic partnership, business campaigning GmbH is increasingly planning to use AI in campaigns. In due time, according to the latest research from Gartner’s analysts, nearly half of CIOs plan to implement AI in their organisation. With their exclusive agreement as a distribution partner, the agency also wants to enable other Swiss companies to use Liquid Newsroom.

Specific applications and opportunities will be shown on 16 March in the Papiersaal Zürich at the Campaigning Summit Switzerland. More here:

Since 1997, business campaigning GmbH has been the No. 1 for campaigning in Switzerland. We make campaigns. But differently. The campaigning approach is based on an integrative, cross-media and strategic way of thinking and working. Campaigning is the art of being able to pull out all the stops in order to effectively and efficiently reach a given goal and/or move people.

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