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Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence and Customer Journey

It's no secret that customer experience (CX) has become an important issue even at the highest levels of management. And this has a good reason: A study from August 2016 shows that approximately 82 percent of customers stop buying a company’s product after they have made a bad experience. Why do customers change their mind so quickly? The answer is easy: The next provider that offers the exact same product is already waiting around the corner. So companies must always do their best not to disappoint their customers.

The influence of AI

New technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) help companies not only to optimize their internal processes, but also to improve their customer service.

The impact of AI during the entire customer journey is already noticeable: Companies are always reachable and can serve customers faster, more personalized and on a larger scale. As this type of customer experience becomes the norm, companies that don't move along will soon find that their customer base is constantly shrinking, which can be a threat to their very existence.

Unity of Chatbots and Consultants

The current study by Vanson Bourne and Bold360 examines the status quo of the customer experience, compares the perception and reality of customers versus companies and shows how consultants and chatbots can function as a unity.

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