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Coronavirus: fake news or confusing government messages. Which one's the bigger problem?

Studies suggest that a large number of people have been exposed to misleading claims with regards to Covid-19. You might have heard them like: 5G causes COVID-19 or that gurgling with salt water is a cure.

According to the survey, this fake news is not a major problem. Most people can identify these quite easily. The biggest problem is actually the government and media misinformation.

The governments sometimes make inaccurate statements concerning e.g the PPE shortages, the number of tests done, care home deaths etc which are then reported by the media leading to misinformation.

Fact-checking by the media is more important than ever, regardless of which powerful person makes them.

In the UK certainly, public faith has fallen due to the handling of the pandemic, the implementation of the lockdown. This has lead to the public for more expert-driven and not politically driven media coverage.

The media is left with the responsibility to fact check and hold politicians and the government accountable for misinformation

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