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Could Apple's iOS 15 Impact Email Marketers?

Apple has released new privacy features that may affect email marketers and how they work.

Apple’s mail privacy protection will launch later this year, between September and November according to Apple, These features represent the latest innovations in Apple’s legacy of privacy leadership.

Some of these privacy features will include:

Mail privacy protection from third parties

In the mail app, users will be able to mask their IP addresses from senders to prevent them from knowing when they open their emails. As marketers, we rely on this information to determine the email open rates and when they were opened. This is a key metric that is then used to determine the open rate as well as the best time to send emails so as to get a higher open rate.

Hiding the users IP address

Marketers use various tracking software to create buyers’ profiles and place ads by tracking the users’ activities. The IP address is unique and their activities across the net can be connected and mapped. Safari has had Intelligent Tracking Prevention implemented for a couple of years now. This year measures will be made tighter.

Hide my email

This is a feature that Lets users share unique, random email addresses that forward to their personal inbox anytime they wish to keep their personal email address private.

It is built directly into Safari, iCloud settings, and Mail, Hide My Email also enables users to create and delete as many addresses as needed at any time, helping give users control of who is able to contact them according to Apple(link)

This means that email marketers will not be able to see the user’s email address unless the user allows it. Users will not have to share real email addresses when filling out a form on the web or signing up for a newsletter.

This has a huge impact on email marketers as the focus shifts to user experience

What should marketers do?

  • Shift the focus to other metrics and how those may be useful

  • Prepare for the possibilities of other industry players like Microsoft or Google introducing similar privacy features.

  • Evolve their content and strategize for a more private world

  • Come up with new KPI’s to guide them

  • Find ways to build meaningful connections with their email subscribers

Here is a preview of the ios 15 features

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