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Develop Your Very Own AI Chatbot With The App Poe

The AI chatbot app Poe lets you create custom bots based on prompts. The company behind it, Quora, uses specially developed bots to show how funny, exciting and useful they can be. For example, a bot can help you flirt or talk like a pirate.

Many of the big tech companies, but also SMEs, are currently trying to gain a foothold in the current rapidly developing market with their own AI technologies. Meta, for example, plans to develop AI tools that can be used to create advertisements before the end of the year. And Chinese tech company Alibaba is also getting into the AI game. However, it initially introduced its own ChatGPT competitor system only in the workplace.

And you can follow the tech companies' lead, at least on a small scale: with an app called Poe. The AI chatbot aggregator allows users to create their very own chatbot. To do this, they need to use prompts in combination with an existing bot like ChatGPT as a base.

Poe works with AI technologies from OpenAI and Anthropic, among others.

Poe was first rolled out publicly in February, and TechCrunch reported on the launch. The app is the latest product from the Q&A site Quora, which provides searchers on the web with answers to the most frequently Googled questions.

Since chatbots could drastically change the future of web search, the company decided to expand into this market. With this in mind, the company now allows consumer:ins to play with the latest AI technologies from companies like OpenAI and Anthropic through a simple mobile interface.

Initially, Poe debuted with support for a handful of general knowledge chatbots, including Sage and Dragonfly, powered by OpenAI technology, and Claude, powered by Anthropic. A month after the launch, Poe introduced subscriptions. Users have since been able to opt-in to pay for access to the more powerful bots based on new technologies, including OpenAI's GPT-4 language model and Anthropic's Claude+ chatbot.

Most recently, Poe also offers users the ability to create their own bots using prompts - meaning they get the ability to instruct a chatbot to perform highly specific tasks.

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AI Influencer created via Bing Image Creator, via Canva

These are the bots you could create with Poe

Currently, many users use prompts to tell bots, for example, to output text in the style of a particular publishing person, in a particular format, or for a particular audience. With Poe's new feature, Quora CEO Adam D'Angelo explained in a recent Twitter thread, users can create their own bots.


These can be based on either Claude or ChatGPT. Once created, the bot has its own unique URL (, which opens it directly in Poe. D'Angelo also shared a few fun bots the company has developed to demonstrate the new feature, including a "talk like a pirate bot" at, a Japanese language teacher, a bot that turns your messages into emojis at Poe, and a bot that can deliver a diatribe at


Some users have already announced in the Twitter thread how they are using the feature to use bots for very different things, such as planning trips, doing math problems, and even flirting. At this point, it seems important to mention that Poe's platform policies restrict a variety of use cases. For example, cases that could be problematic, such as hate speech, violence, illegal activity, fraud, IP infringement, and others. However, challenges and problems cannot be ruled out against this backdrop (unfortunately) - as in the early days of Bing AI, Bard, and co. showed us, where bots circumvented their own rules...

Read the German version here

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