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Super intelligent like ChatGPT: these new AI tools make your work easier in seconds

ChatGPT, DALL-E, and Co. were only the starting signal for various providers of new AI technologies. We show you what is now possible with AI and provide you with 20 concrete examples of the use of the tools.

The voice AI ChatGPT has been the talk of the town for weeks and will soon officially be part of various Microsoft systems. It has been a major driver of the AI revolution that began in early 2022 and will continue in 2023. This is because numerous AI tools are currently flooding the digital landscape and the possible uses of the various apps and sites seem to be almost unlimited.

In this post, we will provide you with a large selection of different tools that AI experts have presented on Twitter. Find out which app makes it possible for you to chat with Mahatma Gandhi or Jesus, which website can save you research efforts, and which AI tool can compete with ChatGPT.

The AI ChatGPT collects millions of users and the hype does not decrease. To get through the euphoria on the one hand and the prevailing skepticism towards ChatGPT on the other, we talked to Michael Witzenleiter from Conversion Maker about the most powerful AI speech system ever.

ChatGPT - between hype and misgivings: This is what the most powerful AI speech system of all time has to offer

"ChatGPT is the tip of the iceberg": @ivyxvine delivers AI tools for educational purposes

Founder of Prequel (a camp that helps teens build important life skills not taught in school), Ivy Xu (@ivyxvine), declares on Twitter, "ChatGPT is the tip of the iceberg," highlighting seven AI apps and websites, including a brief explanation, that could change education as we've known it so far entirely.

Below we present you their AI tooltips at a glance.

Historical Figures

The app, which is available on both the App Store and Google Play Store, uses advanced AI technology to enable conversations with over 20,000 historical figures. On the App Store, the developers: inside say:

With this app, you can chat with deceased individuals who have made a significant impact on history from ancient rulers and philosophers to modern-day politicians and artists.

Users can learn more about the life, work, and influence on world affairs of rulers, politicians, and artists in a fun and interactive way. The AI ensures a realistic conversation experience.

Talk to books

The website offers an exciting new way to discover books. Users can search passages from books via Talk to Books and receive quotes in response to their search queries. Users are specifically encouraged to use natural language instead of keywords to get quotes.

Sheet Plus

The website Sheet Plus offers users the possibility to convert text into Excel formulas and Google Sheets formulas within seconds. The developers promise time savings of up to 80 percent and converted texts in seconds - via AI.


The Bearly website says "Save hundreds of hours reading and writing with the world's best AI." The tool is available in desktop versions for Mac, Windows, and Linux and uses AI to summarize long articles for you - saving you potentially very long research efforts.


Lex is a word processor based on GPT-3 technology. Users can use Lex to write qualitative essays, for example. To use this AI tool, users must first be patient and join the waiting list. In addition, only subscribers to the paid service can access Lex at this time.


Whether you're a newsletter writer, a minutes taker, or a student, Glasp allows you to smartly summarize notes you've written using AI.


The AI tool provides short answers to any question - including citations for subsequent research or investigation. The website presents some examples that could be exciting for online marketers:

The alternative to ChatGPT, automatic step-by-step instructions, and efficient image and video AI tools:

13 top AI apps from @heyBarsee.

Even more websites, apps, and tools that can save users a lot of work via AI are provided by AI expert and founder of AI Valley Barsee (@heyBarsee) on Twitter.

We'll show you his curated apps and websites below, including a brief explanation of each.


Scribe automatically creates step-by-step instructions in seconds - for free. For this, users: inside must give the AI program permission to observe their own work. To give this permission, you need to click the record button and do your work as usual. Scribe works via desktop and captures cross-application processes to create valuable guides based on the recordings.


According to the website statement, ChatSonic is "a revolutionary AI like ChatGPT [... and] was developed to overcome all limitations of ChatGPT [...]." In addition, ChatSonic also understands voice commands and even responds similarly to other well-known systems of this kind, such as Siri.


Barsee calls Midjourney his "favorite AI tool of all time." After entering text, Discord members can test the beta version. Midjourney allows users to generate eye-catching images in as little as nine seconds via text input.


A 3D effect would make your 2D image even more appealing. With Leiapix, you can perform this transformation via AI - and download your creation directly as a video or GIF.


This AI tool allows users to transform the text into human-sounding voices. You can choose between different voices for any project, such as YouTube videos, audiobooks, podcasts, and the like.


A new logo in just twelve seconds? Stocking makes it possible. You can test the AI tool for free and create logos, book covers, wallpapers, stock images, posters, and the like - via text input.


The tool provides short and understandable summaries of articles in seconds - with just one click and is currently free.


Runwayml allows users to generate videos or entire movies with AI. The website explains:

With 30+ AI Magic Tools, real-time video editing, collaboration, and more, Runway is your next-generation content creation suite. Right inside your browser.

You can try the tool for free at first.


With the help of this AI tool, you can improve or restore your old or poor-quality photos.

Watermark Remover

Want to remove a pesky watermark from a video or image? Watermark Remover makes that possible. Free of charge.


Looking for the right meme but can't find it? Supermeme allows you to generate your own text-based memes. You can try the tool 20 times for free.


This AI-based application can remove objects, people, text, and the like from images.

Do AI tools endanger fair payments to artists and jobs?

At least since the launch of ChatGPT, more and more people are interested in the potential dangers of AI tools. While AI generation tools such as those presented in this article, or DALL-E, QuickVid, and of course ChatGPT are producing amazing results and opening up whole new types of business opportunities, at the same time many questions have arisen about the legality of such tools, and processes. Equally justified is the concern about how much might negatively impact the work of human creators for digital reuse.

A growing number of creators have already taken legal action to prevent their work from being used as source material. They fear being deprived of fair compensation and remuneration for their work. A collective of artists has filed a lawsuit against Mid journey, Stable Diffusion, and the art website DeviantArt for violating the rights of creators. Attorney Matthew Butterick, entrusted with the case, and the law firm Joseph Saveri Butterick are currently suing Microsoft, GitHub, and OpenAI in a similar case involving the CoPilot AI programming model, which is trained with lines of code collected from the Internet.

In an interview with, Michael Witzenleiter answers the question "Does such an amazing technology, as OpenAI and Co. are more and more capable of delivering, endanger jobs in the digital daily routine of PR, marketing, and news companies?"

That's an important question, but I have to say quite clearly: not from my point of view. Certainly, everyday life can change through the use of technology. But the goal is always to improve work and not to replace people. Apart from that, it always needs the human touch! Because despite their name, these models do not have abstract intelligence.

AI tools pose dangers that keep Google and co. from using them

Google has stated that it is not yet ready to launch its own applications due to the concerns associated with AI tools regarding potential misuse. The problem that ChatGPT regularly provides false and misleading information as answers to questions is key to this decision for Google Search, for example. Furthermore, Google has found that AI-generated content violates its own search guidelines. In response to the question, "What do you see as the biggest risk in using this kind of speech AI in a business context?", Witzenleiter responds:

From my point of view, it's clearly the temptation to take texts without control and publish them. That's more tempting than some might think. Because once you've generated twenty flawless texts, it's easy to assume that all the texts will be fine. The problem with this is that the systems can't yet reliably tell when they're adopting the wrong context - whether that's due to misinformation, false information, or simply because there's an imbalance in the data. This means that no matter how good the texts are, they should never be published unchecked.

Which new AI tool do you find most exciting?

Feel free to let us know in the comments. You might even know of other apps and websites that don't appear in this list.

For a more comprehensive breakdown in German, Click here

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