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"Dear Twitter", Elon Musk's Twitter Woes by YouTuber Marques Brownlee

Marques Keith Brownlee, also known professionally as MKBHD, is an American YouTuber best known for his technology-focused videos as well as his podcast Waveform. He has over 16 million subscribers and over 3 billion total video views.

Twitter was recently bought by Elon Musk for 44 Billion dollars and that came with a myriad of drastic changes, including firing over 7,000 employees, rehiring, and resignations but also, lots of new feature suggestions on the table.

Marques Brownlee made a Tweet suggesting that YouTube is in fact the only Stier social media platform to which Elon Musk replied saying, "for now"

What's unique about Twitter?

Twitter has over 390 million users, compared to Facebook which has 10 times more users. Despite having fewer users, Twitter brings a lot of perspectives together and is especially used by public entities to make them more accessible and reachable. It's also a platform where interesting debates and discussions take place.

Former US president Donald Trump made Twitter his social media platform of choice and created a lot of buzz with his infamous Tweets.

After watching the "Dear Twitter" video, I gathered that Marques has great suggestions.

What suggestions does Marques Brownlee have for Twitter?

  1. Retaining its Unique Value Proposition

It is important for Twitter to maintain a unique value proposition and not try to be a direct competitor of YouTube or any other platform for that matter.

The Youtube Value circle, where can Twitter jump in?

source : Marques Brownlee

2. A suite of evolving creator tools

Twitter can learn from YouTube about having a suitable suite of tools for its high-profile users, and creative users. YouTube has :

  • The YouTube partner program is where advertisers pay for spots alongside YouTube videos. The creator gets 55% of that ad revenue

  • YouTube will be monetizing YouTube Shorts next year

  • They have Super Thanks, which is a donation button under a video that makes the donator's comment distinct and colorful. Creators receive 70% of that money

  • Superfans and Super stickers are a feature to interact on live streams, where viewers can have their chats highlighted. Creators keep 70% of that money

  • Channel memberships where creators can offer exclusive content to a group of paid subscribers. Creators get 70% of that money.

3. Upgrade their creator suit

Twitter has super follows which is the equivalent of YouTube channel memberships. They give a higher percentage of 97% to the creator.

4. Running ads

The internet runs on ads, that's how social media platforms run. They could be annoying to many but that's how stuff runs on the internet. 90% of YouTube's revenue comes from ads. So they're the money maker. Twitter wanting to be a safe haven for free speech is actually an advertiser's worst fear. They will need to find a balance, especially if they want to rely on subscriptions and ads.

5. Subscriptions to reduce reliance on ads

Ad revenue is not consistent. So many social media platforms are venturing into subscription services for more consistent revenue, to reduce their reliance on ad revenue.

For an extensive breakdown, check out this video from Marques here

For a summarised breakdown, check out this video here

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