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Email Personalization Best Practices That Get Results

Email personalization is the act of targeting email campaigns to specific subscribers using the data and information you’ve already collected from them. This could be their names, products they’ve purchased, their location, how active they are on your app, or any other of a broad range of data.

There are several places you can include personalization in your email marketing:

  • Subject line

  • Salutation

  • Images

  • Content

  • Product offering

Benefits of Email Personalization

  • Stand out with targeted and tailored content

  • Get better open rates, click-through rates, engagement, traffic to your site and sales.

  • Improve customer-experience

  • Build trust

There have been several studies conducted on email personalization that have found that Millennial brand loyalty increases 28% if they’ve received personalized communication (SmarterHQ).

Not only that, but a 2019 report from The Relevancy Group and Liveclicker found that email marketers using advanced personalization techniques see up to a $20 return on every $1 invested in email marketing.

E-mail Personalized Best Practices

  1. Create customers persona

  2. Set goals

  3. Collect data

  4. Segment your email list

  5. Leverage dynamic content

  6. Use personalization naturally

  7. Test your emails

  8. Use email automation

  9. Include product recommendations

  10. Use browser history

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