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Facebook Adds Option to Send Marketing Emails via Pages App

Did you know that Facebook now has an email marketing feature added?

Well, how does it work?

First, pages need to confirm their email addresses, once confirmed, page managers will need to confirm that they have sought permission from the email owners they seek to send these emails to.

Once you agree to Facebook usage terms, you can create emails via the pages app.

Facebook is essentially trying to replicate CRM systems. E-mails sent through this process will be delivered through the email address attached to your account, although any email contacts need to be manually uploaded.

Functionally, it doesn’t seem to add anything beyond acting as a facilitator. Otherwise, the process isn’t different to any other CRM software. This function, however, seems to be targeting smaller businesses that are not familiar with email marketing. Larger brands are already familiar with this and may require more sophisticated tools.

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