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Facebook for more transparency: Why Am I Seeing This Post?

The new "Why Am I Seeing This Post?" feature is designed to give Facebook users more control over their news feed and make the platform more transparent.

As part of Facebook's efforts to make the platform more user-friendly, Facebook is introducing two new updates. The new feature "Why Am I Seeing This Post?" will be accessible from a post's drop-down menu and will make it easier for users to understand how Facebook's algorithm works and why you see which posts.

New feature to give users more control over their newsfeed

The aim of the non-chronological news feed has always been to show users the posts that are most relevant to them. To understand how the algorithm makes the decision, based on past interactions with posts, the new feature will be introduced. If you select the new item from the drop-down menu on the right side of a post, more information will appear:

- Why is the post displayed at all? Was it shared by a friend or a group I follow? - How do past interactions with posts affect the news feed? Depending on how often

you interact with posts from friends or groups, or with videos, photos, or links, the post will slide up or down in your personal news feed. The positioning also depends on how popular the post was among other users.

Facebook surveys made it clear that it would not be enough for users just to know why they see something; they would also like to be able to change what they see themselves. So there will be some additional shortcuts available to give users at least some control over their news feed settings.

- There will be shortcuts to functions like "See first", "Unfollow", "Newsfeed Preferences" and "Privacy Shortcuts" to personalize your own newsfeed more easily.

Users get more information about ads

In the course of time and with the help of user feedback, more useful information will be added to this information and the function will be further developed. The "Why Am I Seeing This Ad?" feature introduced in 2014 has also been updated. Previously, users were only notified that the ad was displayed based on target group criteria such as age or location. Now it is also listed when advertisers uploaded their customer lists in order to place targeted advertisements.

Faster reaction to posts is also possible

With another change, Facebook is trying to increase user engagement. Instead of having to scroll down a post and keep the Like button pressed to respond or comment, users can click and hold the post image to open the response selection and select the desired response quickly and easily. Commenting is also much faster. Matt Navarra posted a video of the new feature on Twitter.

It is to be expected that these new functions will be available to every user in the course of the next few days. We haven't been able to discover them in our news feeds yet. It remains to be seen to what extent this will change user behaviour and, above all, satisfaction with the social network.

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