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Give your subscribers the welcome they really deserve

Andy Crestodina, Chief Marketing Officer, Orbit Media confirms: «There’s one email that gets a higher open rate than all others: the welcome-to-my-list email. Opens and click through rates are often 2x any other email you send». Not surprising, one would think. Who doesn’t love a warm welcome? Nonetheless, marketers often don’t give welcome-emails the attention they deserve: A study shows that only 39% of businesses welcome their new subscribers.

As Crestodina says, the recipient of the welcome-email is at their peak interest. A good moment to say hello and turn leads into customers.

Every welcome email should at least give the recipient the thing that they expected when signing up (e.g. free download) and a brief summary of what they can expect in the future. You can even consider to send out a welcome-email-series. ActiveCampaign recommends a series of 6 emails and explains in detail, how to time them and what you need to put in each email. Continue reading and learn how to make a great welcome email series:

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