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How and Why You Should Run a Customer Panel for Your Marketing Team

One of the greatest places to know what your customers like is directly from the customers themselves. A good marketing strategy should always incorporate customers

A customer panel is an exceptional opportunity to learn more about your customers' points of friction and success stories.

How to Choose Participants for Your Customer Panel

A good panel has a wide range of feedback and represents your client demographic. So if 50% of your clients are in Latina America, 50% of your panel should represent that.

Consider the questions you want to ask. What perspectives do you need? IT, Marketing etc

Understand the client’s willingness to provide candid, constructive feedback by screening before the panel discussion.

Effective Questions to Ask during a Customer Panel

Have a goal/objective in mind and create open-ended, specific questions.

Here are a few questions to consider:

  • What was the decision process like when buying [our product]? Did you look at or use other tools?

  • How long have you been using [our product]?

  • What were the earliest successes you saw? What sort of long-term impact have you seen?

  • Which features or tools do you like the most? How do you learn from them?

  • Which resources do you use most? (Blogs, ebooks, whitepapers, video, etc.)

  • Did you have to convince stakeholders to buy? What was that process like?

  • If you could wave a magic wand and change one thing about our product or overall buying process, what would it be?

4 Best Practices Before, During, and After a Customer Panel

1. Decide whether or not you'll take live questions, and how long your panel will be.

2. Invest in recording software to turn the customer panel into a case study.

3. Follow a few Zoom best practices to create an ideal audience experience.

"If the panels are over Zoom and we have a larger audience, we recommend the following tips to ensure the best experience for everyone:

  • Hide Non-Video Participants (Go to Preferences > Video > Check the box for 'Hide non-video participants').

  • Everyone who is not a panelist or moderator can Turn Off Video & Mute.

  • To see the panelists at the same time as slide content, use Side-by-side Mode (Go to View Options & turn on "Side-by-side Mode" to see slides + gallery view of customers).

  • During any Q&A portion, turn your video back on and unmute yourself so the panelists can see who is asking the question."

After the Customer Panel:

1. Thank your customers for their time with a note or gift.

2. Provide panelists with networking opportunities.

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