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How branding of language assistants works

A study conducted by MetaDesign's brand consultancy shows to what you have to pay attention to when branding language assistants.

Cool Mattis stands for Red Bull, socializer Julian for Car2go, smart Anna for Zalando and empathic Thomas for Commerzbank. MetaDesign, a brand consulting firm, conducted a study on branding of language assistants and developed exemplary prototypes.

Voice and language assistants not only determine the audio industry. Language assistants are playing an increasingly important role in many marketing campaigns across industries.

"The ever-improving technical possibilities will not allow language assistants to be differentiated purely on the basis of functionality. What remains as a distinguishing factor is exclusively the brand personality which can be defined more concretely than ever before with the use of language assistants and bots," says CEO Daniel Leyser.

The consultancy has set up an experiment together with the market research institute Eyesqare. For four brands, prototypical language assistant personalities were implemented. These include the car sharing service Car2go, Zalando, Red Bull and Commerzbank. Website visitors can communicate with the four personalities on the study’s microsite

Exemplary prototypes developed for brands

In order to create the prototypes, the brands were first transformed into personalities and voice descriptions with the help of brand users. This resulted in a profile picture of the respective brand character. Based on this, the identification of suitable brand voices was started. Via an online survey, 2000 panel participants were asked about personality traits, voice profiles and voice samples of the brands.

The language assistants created for the four brands are therefore intended to represent "an interactive briefing for brand-adequate conversation," says Lisa Krick, Executive Director Brand Innovation MetaDesign and head of the study. In other words, it's an opportunity to get to grips with brand personalities.

"The primary aim of the study was to develop a process that makes conversation branding possible and to turn brands into close, communicative personalities," says Krick.

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