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How can You Utilize the Gaming Community to Promote Your Next Product?

It has been estimated that the gaming industry will be worth an astonishing $180 Billion by 2021!

Gamers were once viewed as lame misfits but now, that stereotype couldn’t be more false. Accountants,lawyers,doctors, middle aged women ; everyone can be a gamer nowadays.

Although it has taken a long time for marketers to understand how to utilize the gaming industry, the ones who have cracked it do the following things. Influencer marketing, which is quite popular on social media platforms like Youtube is one of the ways. Gaming influencers promote all kinds of products.

45% of gamers are women! So utilizing this gaming community to advertise women’s products is a great marketing opportunity. Mobile gaming is also one of those areas in gaming to explore as well.

To get your brand’s gaming influencer collaboration rolling, it is important to have in mind how much gaming has changed, forget the stereotypes. Brands should craft an inclusive and friendly brand to succeed in this space.

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