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How DDB and Pink Ribbon want to make breast palpation an everyday routine

Aktualisiert: 2. Mai 2019

Three years ago, DDB and Pink Ribbon delivered the most award-winning campaign of the year with the "Check it before it's removed" campaign. In Cannes alone, the performance cleared a whole dozen Lions. Now the successful duo is following up - this time not with a new awareness campaign, but with a product that is intended to conquer the body care market in the long term.

Together with the NGO, DDB Düsseldorf has developed a body care product which is intended to remind women to regularly palpate, or examine, their breasts in order to detect breast cancer early. The brand Pink Ribbon Care While You Care emerged from this idea. Currently, there are two products, shower gel and body lotion, whose packaging offers easy to understand instructions for regular self-monitoring. The aim is for the relevant steps to be taken to palpate one's own breast to become routine – because "in most cases, early detection is the basis for a possible cure, and the women concerned establish the most suspicious facts by palpating themselves", according to a statement in the press release on the project.

The website also provides explanatory videos and information on the subject. Numerous ambassadors of Pink Ribbon Germany, such as Sylvie Meis, Nina Bott and Frauke Ludowig, draw attention to the new brand at the launch. There is also a cooperation with Me and All Hotels, which belong to the Lindner Group. In the long term, products consisting of natural ingredients should be available in the retail trade. Discussions are currently underway with potential distribution partners. In addition to the content, the bottles are also organic and, according to DDB and Pink Ribbon, 100 percent recyclable.

DDB not only had the idea for the product, but the team behind Executive Creative Director Kristine Holzhausen is also responsible for branding, CI and all marketing and sales activities. "It's a great opportunity to work with the customers to develop a new product that creates awareness of an important issue, away from traditional communication," says Holzhausen.

Her customer Christina Kempkes, Head of Communication at Pink Ribbon Germany, adds: "We are delighted with the creative idea and the renewed cooperation with DDB. It's simply brilliant to put the tips for self- touching through the products of Pink Ribbon While You Care right in the middle of everyday life. Everything we do is about breaking down fears and giving impulses again and again to deal with our own health. We are convinced that this campaign will greatly help our work to raise awareness and knowledge about breast cancer."

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Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash

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