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How LinkedIn is Creating More Personalized and Authentic Professional Networks

LinkedIn has seen a 50 per cent increase in the amount of content shared on its platform. Today, it has 706 million members worldwide.

Through a redesign and several new features, the platform is eager to help marketers stay informed, connected and reskill themselves to meet the demands of the virtual workforce.

Personalized and streamlined search experiences

From adding new filters to organizing search results by criteria including people, jobs, groups, courses, companies, posts and events. The platform is incorporating more of its function into search matches for improved discovery and accurate results.

Introducing Stories

LinkedIn also introduced a widely anticipated feature: Stories. Similarly to what we’re accustomed to seeing on other platforms, LinkedIn Stories are full-screen posts including images, video, or text, available for 24 hours, and can be responded to via a private message.


Beyond making it easier to sift through and edit your InMail messages, LinkedIn is bringing more opportunities for new ways to connect in these intimate spaces. This includes emoji reactions and the ability to switch the conversation from chat to face to face through Microsoft Teams, Bluejeans, or Zoom with the tap of an icon.

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