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How To Create a Strong Password

Passwords are the key to the internet, and we can’t access sensitive information without one. But after years of creating and forgetting them, we need to remember the rules to come up with one that is tough enough to prevent hacking but simple enough to remember. We know the simple tips, add a number, use a symbol, but did you know the easiest trick is to avoid using weak passwords? Names, pet names, family members and address are the most common passwords which leaves a door open for hackers. It is also advised to refrain from using any word in the dictionary. If you plan on using a simple word, create a phrase and use it as a mnemonic for the password. There are also sites that can help you create and manage your passwords. Services such as EFF, Dashlane and LastPass are essential to a secure life online.

Read the article below for guidelines and rules on how to create a strong password:

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