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How to create content that really suits your audience

Creating content that really suits your audience can sometimes be a challenge. Overwhelmed by all the possibilities out there you might even forget to think about your audience: Do they listen to podcasts? Do they get inspired by blogs? Or do they prefer to watch short and informative videos? Before creating content, you therefore need to figure out, which type of content suits your business, your target community and your brand best. There are different approaches of audience research. One of the most prominent one is to rate them on the “tactical vs. strategic” spectrum, asking whether they prefer models and frameworks (strategic) or directions and information (tactical). This will already give you a hint at what types of content they might enjoy.

The list of types of content seems endless; Long-form blogs for thorough analysis or step-by-step guides; Short-form blogs driven by a “big idea”; Original research; How-to videos; Case studies; Checklists; etc. Following articles gives you detailed description of 10 different types of content and describes what audience they suit. Continue reading and create your perfect content today:

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