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How to deal with negative social media feedback

Negative feedback can quickly gain momentum in social media and damage the reputation of a brand. In order to build lasting trust with your customers and potential target groups, it is important to create the conditions under which you can react to negative feedback in the social media today. The Khoros platform has put together five tips that every company should consider.

Photo from unsplash by NeONBRAND Digital Marketing, Las Vegas, United States

1. listen carefully

If you want to solve problematic situations before they even arise, it is important to listen. Especially in social media, disappointed or angry customers often don't speak directly to the brand, but to the community. Therefore you should make sure that you don't miss mentions of your brand - no matter if tagged, in the hashtag or simple mentions.

2. keep the response time short

Define and adhere to an ideal response time, because speed is especially important on social platforms. With sensitive topics, the customer becomes more and more impatient and dissatisfied as the waiting time increases. In the worst case, the customer feels ignored and publicly expresses his displeasure.

3. be human, transparent and positive

Take control in a crisis situation by responding helpfully and authentically to critical feedback and never respond negatively or defensively. Avoid pre-prepared reactions and try to establish a human connection. Make sure your client feels heard and understood, and don't be afraid to apologize for inconvenience to defuse criticism and complaints.

4. answer publicly before and after a private conversation

Most social media conversations take place in public. Therefore, a public response is essential to present your brand as transparent, attentive and helpful. If you need sensitive data to solve the problem, such as an account number, you should move the conversation to direct messaging. This also creates more privacy. In order for the public to understand whether the problem has been solved, it is important to inform the community publicly.

5. establish clear rules for messaging

Your response to incoming contributions strengthens your relationship with your community, but comments that merge into a hateful language area may require a response from you that clearly states that this type of language is unacceptable. Be transparent to your community by making a clear statement in your bio or About Me section as to which manners are allowed and which are not.

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