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How to Integrate Cause Marketing for Your Brand

What is cause marketing?

A programme designed by a company to do something good for the community, environment, world or other cause.

There are a few things cause marketing is not :

  • It is not philanthropy - It is not an act of altruism

  • It is not a campaign - It’s not about drawing attention for a specified timeframe but integral to a company’s business plan.

  • It is not a dedication for general charity - Effective cause marketing chooses a specific cause that is in line with the business

Benefits of cause marketing:

  • Create shareable content by earning the right to share it.

  • Meet younger consumer expectations

  • Grow consumer trust

  • Increase earnings

  • Attract consumers

How to integrate cause marketing to your brand

Find your story

We make sense of the world through stories. There is high value in integrating story-telling to marketing campaigns.

Identify your customer base

Not every cause is meaningful to every consumer. So it is important to identify what causes your customer base resonates with.

Engage your customers on social media

A good cause markets itself organically on social media. Consumers like to share about the news that concerns them.

Cause marketing can make a real difference for your business and for the world simultaneously. If you want your business to grow, commit to giving back.

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