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How to Use GIF Marketing to Boost Brand Awareness

GIFS are seen as a way to add colour but did you know that search engines like GIPHY, Gfycat and Tenor have special accounts for brands, agencies and artists?

Why do you need a GIPHY brand channel and how do you start with GIPHY advertising?

What is a GIF search engine?

It is a search engine that returns relevant GIPH results.

What is GIPHY?

It’s a GIF search engine serving more than 7 billion GIFS and stickers to 500+ million users every day.

Why create a GIF strategy?

People love GIFs!

More than 70% of people living in the United States use emojis, GIFs and stickers in their daily communications.

How to use GIFY marketing for brand awareness.

  1. Create a GIF brand channel

  2. Target the right keywords

  3. Create your GIFs

  4. Track your GIPHY marketing performance

How to optimize your brands GIFY channel.

  1. Use relevant tags

  2. Limit the number of tags

  3. Spy on your competitors

  4. Use popular branded keywords

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