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How to write cold emails that convert

To grab the attention of people and arouse their interest through a cold email can be a challenge - especially considering that an average user gets approximately 147 messages per day. While personalization is key, there are many more tipps that will make writing cold emails (that actually convert) much easier. Here are a few practical guidelines:

  1. Focus on your prospects worries: What common pain points keep them up at night? Make them feel you know their worries and take them seriously. Of course, offer them a solution and convince them that with your help they get one step closer to overcoming the obstacle.

  2. Lead them to convert: Everyone knows that it is essential to always integrate a call-to-action. Yet, it is important to focus on one CTA only: In the case of the cold email, that CTA is to schedule a meeting with you.

  3. Offer credibility: Show your prospect that you have done your homework and did the necessary research that makes you an expert in the field. Powerful statistics can be of great help.

Ultimately, it's all about one thing: RIGHT target group orientation which is promoted in Strategic Campaigning Guideline No. 13.

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