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How will 5G impact marketers?

5G(5th generation cellular network) is a cellular, wireless and cloud-based network. It connects mobile devices,power computers,televisions and smart devices,faster than the previous networks.

While 4G requires cables and infrastructure, 5G’s cellular towers amplify cloud-based

signals which eliminate many cable needs.

What is the difference between 5G and Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi comes from radio waves sent from an internet provider’s giant,central computer

while 5G relies on signals from cellular networks. Tech experts say we will still need to use them simultaneously for now.

How will 5G impact marketers?

  • Online presence will be vital as people will consume more internet

  • Digital ads will be on more screens and surfaces

  • Adverts will become more interactive

  • AR/VR Will become more realistic

  • Data collection will be improved thanks to the speed

Your company might not be ready for AR/VR yet but it’s still important to keep up with the trends in the marketing world,establish your presence on social media and create digital content.

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