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It's okay to miss goals—if you learn from it

With the new year quickly approaching, it is easy to find yourself contemplating your resolutions, plans, and goals for next year. One thing is for sure, it is almost impossible to finish all of your goals, on-time and without a challenge, but the most important thing to remember is to learn from what went wrong. Tonight, evaluate your goals from the previous year and evaluate the success rate for each one. Ask yourself why some goals worked, why some took longer than expected, and why others were simply dropped. Maybe there were competing priorities, maybe the task was much larger than one person could execute.

Either way, missing goals can be a good thing, as it will help us identify our own personal problem areas. The lesson of this article is equivalent to Strategie Campaigning Guideline No. 4, where we are asked to maintain flexibility. Staying rigid around goals and execution is often a surefire way to miss the mark.

Read the full article here, before creating your goals for 2020:


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