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LinkedIn Adds New Retargeting Options and Simplified Campaign Integration to its Audience Network

LinkedIn has new retargeting options, these will enable businesses to :

  • Reach people who've interacted with their previous video and Lead Gen Form ads.

  • Extend your campaigns to its Audience Network

  • Giving brands the capacity to reach more people via 'trusted' third-party apps and sites.

Brands will be able to re-connect with those who've taken specific action to engage with their previous efforts, to help capitalize on attention, and hook in those who've expressed interest in your ad content.

LinkedIn will also let advertisers retarget people based on how much of a video ad they've previously watched.

So if you're looking to maximize your virtual event, you can re-market to those who've expressed some interest through their actions.

LinkedIn's also extending its video retargeting capacity to Audience Network campaigns as well.

In addition to this, LinkedIn is also looking to provide more assurance on ad placement, and performance data, via new partnerships with Integral Ad Science and Pixalate.

If you're able to target the right people, that extra exposure will help drive more brand awareness, so it may be worth experimenting with these new options to see whether they generate better results.

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