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LinkedIn: Rollout of new product pages

With 70% of shoppers choosing products through online research, it is essential for businesses to have effective ways to highlight their products and build a community. LinkedIn is launching a special tab called "Product Pages" for this reason.

Specifically, the new feature is designed to help companies foster conversations and build brand affinity with their own customers and followers. Subsequently, this should increase awareness of the respective product and generate more qualified leads.


After LinkedIn gave companies the opportunity to showcase their services or business units through showcase pages, the platform has now announced a new "Products" tab for company pages, which provides a dedicated area where companies can highlight their product offerings on LinkedIn. The administrator of a company page can create a product page, which is then presented in its own tab on the company page. In the new tab, as already indicated in the Product Roadmap in July, on the one hand user testimonials can be highlighted by means of custom call-to-action buttons.

On the other hand, thanks to the CTA function, page operators can ask their visitors for lead information (name, email, phone, etc.) directly on the page or direct them to a completely different page outside of LinkedIn. The products can be displayed in the new "Products" tab with videos, screenshots or descriptions etc..


LinkedIn product pages are only available for tangible product offerings. However, LinkedIn intends to build a marketplace for services in the near future, where service providers can add and promote their services.

Companies will not be able to upload their entire product catalogue to LinkedIn, but a selection of suitable products will be made by LinkedIn itself.

LinkedIn also notes that only already known and proven products can be highlighted via the product tab.


Product name: Pre-filled by LinkedIn.

Product Category: Pre-populated by LinkedIn and based on LinkedIn's market research data.

Product Logo: Either a product-specific logo or the company logo in 1:1 format can be uploaded.

Custom Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons: Here you can choose between "Download now", "Get started", "Request a demo", "Try it out", "Contact us" or "Learn more". It is particularly important that the landing page matches the CTA. For example, if the CTA "Request a demo" is used, then the CTA URL should lead to a page where the person can sign up for a demo.

CTA URL: The URL of the landing page can be inserted here.

Description of the product: 500 characters can be used to explain the benefits of the product to the page visitor. If a company has multiple products, then the products are listed in alphabetical order.

Website URL: Either the URL of the company website or that of the CTA button can be used here.

Product user: Up to 10 job functions for which the product is intended can be specified here.

Visual assets: A mixture of three videos and two static images is recommended. The thumbnail can be customized.

Clients: It is recommended to present at least 7 customers from the different sectors and company sizes.


A LinkedIn product page is a hub for brands to promote their products and grow their business. On the one hand, product users can share their experiences, on the other hand, the page can be used on the buyer side to make purchasing decisions about products in a trusted environment.

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