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Make a Mission Statement for Better Content Marketing

To make good content as a company, it is important to ask yourselves the following questions:

  1. Why does your company create content?

  2. Who is it for?

  3. What will it do for them?

Your content mission statement should answer the Who, What and Why.

A great content mission statement has the following three-element details:

  1. Core Audience - focus on the audience segment for whom your content can do the most good. Which audience can help you achieve the most pressing marketing goal?

  2. What Will Be Delivered - Your content is your how. What do you value the most as a brand? What’s your authority and insight?

  3. Outcome and Benefit - summarize the benefits your audience will receive from engaging with your content

What does your brand want to be?

Answering this question will differentiate you, set the stage for increased engagement and success.

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