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Micro Conversions: What They Are, Why They Matter, & How to Track Them

This article demonstrates how to effectively use micro-conversions as a step in your buyer’s journey.

While micro-conversions seem to be minor, if used properly, they can prove to be very effective in your marketing efforts. At some point, it may be worth taking a look at the source of your ad efforts, to help determine how your users are converting, from email sign-ups, watching a video, or tweeting about your company. By using analytic tools, you can track how potential customers use and interact with your site. The information you find can help to determine if a high traction page has enough CTA’s, or if a low traction page has too many, and if it would be beneficial to perform an audit for a deeper analysis.

Continue reading this article for a walkthrough on how to setup a micro-conversion analysis:

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Campaigning in the age of algorithms

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