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New advertising format for Instagram: Branded Content Ads

The format is intended to make influencer marketing more transparent and to absorb previous practices through the company's own tool.

Instagram extends the possibilities for collaboration between advertisers and influencers. Branded content ads allow advertisers to directly promote the posts of influencers with whom they collaborate.

Branded Content Ads as a formal update

Instagram has been testing the format since last year and has now officially presented it at a smaller press event in the USA. Until now, companies have only been able to implement influencer campaigns with their own tools if they were able to follow them. Now the posts should be promoted like normal ads. Although this has already been done via workarounds, i.e. to solve the account of one's own brand, it is now formally made accessible via the platform's tool landscape.

Ashley Yuki, product manager at Instagram, explains the background of the update:

Brands are seeing that this branded content ad product sometimes helps overcome challenges they have with organic branded content. [They are] exploring ways that brands can amplify branded content.

The Facebook subsidiary thus makes it easier for advertisers to advertise the influencer's content. On the other hand, the cooperation become more transparent. Since influencer marketing is becoming more and more professional and on its way to a market worth billions, transparency is the order of the day.

Branded Content Tool soon available to all

In 2017, Instagram introduced its Branded Content Tool, which displays when a post was written in partnership with a brand. A "Paid partnership with..." then appears above the sponsored post.

To date, the tool is only available to selected partners. But this will change soon. As the speakers at the event confirmed, all users will soon be able to apply for the partner program.

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Campaigning in the age of algorithms

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