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The Power of a Pause: More Effective Than Words?

There’s a lot going on in the world with the conversation of racism and inequality at the forefront.

Do we wait too long or long enough to speak.

Sometimes it’s important to pause.

As Margaret Wheatley wrote,” We pause long enough to look more carefully at a situation,to see more of its character,to think about why it’s happening,to notice how it’s affecting us and others.”

One of the greatest skills we humans have is communication, the art of conversation. Our conversational skills vary and apparently it’s related to language and culture according to research.

The ability to optimize gaps - length of silence between the end of my words and the beginning of yours, determines our conversational skills.

When it comes to digital communication, we lack this skill level as there are no standards or measures to how quickly we should read a message or comment on a post.

Marketers use technology to shorten the time till it’s their turn to speak to customers. But should we?

AI chatbots allow companies to reply instantly but should we use them that way?

As we work on improving our conversations,there may be just as much value in delivering the right pause at the right time.

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