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The secret to getting a lot done while still saving time

Are you putting things off because you don’t feel like doing them, because they are hard, boring, or otherwise unpleasant? Are you putting off dreaded tasks with an overdue deadline because you are simply too busy? So what should you do if you are facing a task you can not complete? For whatever reason?

You can either push it off and find excuses, which usually works well until you face the consequences; or you can find a way to get things done.

The good news is that there is a solution, and it’s called Templana/Heroes on Demand.

In order to keep up with the dynamics of today's world, here at business campaigning, we need to make our campaigns adaptable while acting quickly and flexibly. When creating a campaign it is important to take a close look at the details and not lose sight of the overall picture. We also need to keep order and manage chaos. Our work is centrally controlled, but the autonomy of the individual campaigning teams is not forgotten. As impossible as it is to plan for the long term, it is important to plan with foresight. In a few words: the campaign organization must be flexible.

With the help of Asana, we can achieve exactly that.

Asana is a tool for organizing personal or team work, basing the system on individual tasks framed into bigger projects. It enables teams to work together smoothly for really good results through clarity, transparency and goal orientation. Asana is pretty straightforward and easy to use, Templana is an add-on, a collection of pre-built templates for Asana, which make it easier to use Asana to manage your projects.

Our team is small and agile but sometimes we need to make a difference quickly. In order to achieve the desired change it is possible that we need a lot of people to do it, without any fixed expenses. As mentioned above, the campaign organization must be flexible. The solution is to have flexible employees which Templana provides. Templana connects you with virtual assistants, Heroes on Demand, inside your Asana account so you can delegate tasks to them.

Every week we select relevant articles from different sources for our blog and add them to the Asana project that we share with our Heroes on Demand. They then summarize the collected articles and proofread the ones that we translated from German to English. Once completed, the document is uploaded on the same project and we have ready to post content to share on our various social media outlets. This helps us save time and scale our operations by passing off quick and easy assignments, so our team can focus on the larger aspects.

What will you do with all the hours saved?

Get started with Asana and download ready-made templates from Templana:

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Die besten Kampagnen sind die, die von der Zielgruppe selbst entwickelt werden. Sie erzielen bis zu vier Mal bessere Resultate.

Dafür hat business campaigning GmbH das Target Community Lab™ entwickelt, ein spezielles Workshop-Design, das schon seit 15 Jahren Laien befähigt, Kampagnen-Konzepte zu entwickeln. Zum Beispiel die Kampagne für den Schweizer Kinohit «Mein Name ist Eugen».

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