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The Stealth Key – A business campaigning GmbH Campaign!

One of pleasures of working at business campaigning ltd. is that we always embrace new technologies and innovative solutions. Not only do we feel it is important to be first adopters of new technology and understand the changes new technologies are creating in the world, it excites us! One such company that we support with our services is UrbanAlps, the innovative Swiss firm behind the Stealth Key. The Stealth Key, which is a 3D metal printed key that combats the risk of having your key 3D scanned and printed, is set to revolutionise the mechanical key sector, which has remained stagnated for hundreds of years.

In April, 2017, UrbanAlps had a major PR success after they were featured in the Economist. The author who wrote the article met Alejandro Ojeda, one of the companies founders in Abu Dhabi, at the Global Manufacturing and industrialization summit, and was quickly fascinated by the key’s innovative design. From the initial meeting to publication took just 2 weeks!

When UrbanAlps approached us, as a startup with a limited budget, we were immediately excited to be part of the project. At the time, they were struggling to get the attention that the Stealth Key deserved. Showing the public the key always drew fascination, but the major players in the key industry refused to acknowledge the problem of 3D printing of keys or see the benefits of adopting the UrbanAlps innovation.

Our task was to help them get more attention for the key in the media, and create more awareness about the security issues surrounding current keys on the market.

With a small budget, it was not a case of just taking over the entire marketing and PR work of UrbanAlps. As well as using our network to secure media interest, creating content for press releases and offering creative ideas for reaching out to potential clients and partners, the most important part of our consultancy was to empower and enable UrbanAlps and Alejandro to achieve many of their goals themselves.

The Stealth Key - Secure against 3D scanning and printing

If you ever get a chance to talk to Alejandro about the Stealth Key, or security issues surrounding the current keys on the market, you will leave that conversation with a passion for keys that you never expected. It was very important to us and UrbanAlps to harness his knowledge, passion and enthusiasm to make the most out of every single conversation and meeting he has.

Startups go through ups and downs and UrbanAlps is no different. There have been times when discussing their product with major key and security companies has been like talking to a brick wall, with a lack of willingness to understand the problem. It is important, despite any disappointments or frustrations, to remain positive and enthusiastic as the next meeting could be the awaited breakthrough. That is where business campaigning ltd. comes in with the occasional pep talk to make sure that the momentum is going in the right direction at to maintain the positivity that this simple but incredible innovation deserves.

As a company we understand that it is not always important to take on every element of a campaign for a partner. We have the expertise to guide, advise, correct and push small companies into creating their own successes. UrbanAlps are doing just that with the Stealth Key on the verge of sealing clients in Czech Republic, UAE and Switzerland, with the media taking more and more attention in the future of keys. As their Campaigning partner, we are excited about working with them to achieve even more success in the future and to revolutionise the key industry.

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