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The story of the forgotten emails

Many business have to face the naked truth: Most of their emails don’t even get opened. And if they do get opened, people often hesitate to click on the call-to-action. Now, what can we do about it? While most of us give up, it might be worth considering re-sending the email. At that point you have already made the effort and invested the time to write the perfect email, so you have nothing to lose: An experiment of Forbes showed, that not only more people opened their follow-up mail but that they got almost 52% more clicks with the second email than with the first. Re-sending an email also gives you the chance to test new ways of emails by using different imageries, headlines or subjects.

Before you resend an email, you should therefore think about how you want to change the email to attract the attention of the receiver. Moreover, you have to be clear on who should receive the follow-up email: Is it non-openers or the non-clickers?

Continue reading and enjoy the step-by-step guide on when and how to resend emails:

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