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The Ultimate Guide to Social Listening

The Ultimate Guide to Social Listening

Building a reputation on social media is actually more important than building a following.That is where social listening comes in.

What is social listening?

Social listening is keeping tabs with your social media platforms for direct mentions during discussions,reviews,client feedback or discussions on niche topics, competitors and acting on those insights.

A social listening report is one of the best ways to understand brand sentiment and industry trends.

Social listening can be broken down into two steps :

  • Collecting data from social channels

  • Analyzing the collected data

Why is social listening important?

  • Measure how your brand stacks up against competitors

  • Improving your marketing strategy

  • Build high quality content

What’s the difference between social listening and social monitoring?

Social media monitoring involves identifying messages related to your brand and responding or handling them as appropriate.

social media listening is a much deeper diagnosis of everything being said and, in the case of sentiment analysis, felt about your brand.

Deep Listening vs Actionable Listening

Deep listening is about pulling in as much data as possible. It searches far and wide to research across all kinds of digital channels, including forums, reviews, earned media, and more.

Actionable listening uses the same type of approach but on predetermined sources of data.

Best Social Listening Strategies

Brand sentiment - Build a positive brand sentiment.

Industry trends - Keeping an eye on social media trends before they become obvious is one of the best ways to stay ahead of the game.

Competitive analysis - Analyzing brand health and getting a grasp on the industry, then it’s time to start focusing on what your competition is doing better than you.

Measure campaigns - Thanks to social listening tools, you can monitor the success of your campaign in real time.

Identify Influencers - Influencers can be a prominent investment for brands looking to expand their audience and reach.

Best social media listening tools

  • Social bakers

  • Keyhole

  • Brandwatch

Social media is constantly changing and requires a high level of agility on your part, but with the help of social listening your brand can stay one step ahead.

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