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Top 3 TikTok Marketing Case Studies & Insights 2020

2020 has been one hell of a year for TikTok. With over 2 billion downloads,it has surpassed Facebook and Instagram. Brands have flocked in to get their share too.

This year posed unique challenges and opportunities for brands.

Here are three distinctive case studies on how we at Fanbytes have helped brands navigate TikTok in 2020.

1.Idahoan Foods

During Coronavirus lockdown, there was an increase in food content. From the infamous “Dalgona coffee” to “pancake cereal”

This presented a great opportunity for Idahoan Foods, a US instant mashed potatoes brand looking to engage the Gen Z demographic.

We knew we had to be innovative. So we created a two-part activation, engaging 14 influencers and the “mash-out” challenge was born.

The outcome was outstanding! We surpassed the target by 700% and had 14,000,000 views across the campaign.

2. Vestiaire Collection

Fashion content soared this year and it doesn’t seem like it’s slowing down soon.

We saw Dior host the first live virtual catwalk on TikTok paving the way for the future of luxury fashion.

Vestiaire Collective is an example of a luxury fashion marketplace that approached Fanbytes to build a presence on the platform and explore TikTok as a channel of growth amidst these exciting changes.

Their goal was to drive awareness around their new ‘direct shipping’ feature to a targeted US Gen Z audience and drive cost-effective app installs, benchmarked against Instagram.

We took a creative approach that combined an organic influencer activation and paid ads. Paired with our data-driven influencer selection process utilizing our in-house Bytesights tool, we briefed our 8 influencers to create compelling creatives that incorporated highly-effective CTA’s to drive installs and ensure a high conversion rate.

The overall results were far from average. We drove twice the amount of guaranteed views with a massive 1,307,200 views across the campaign and Vestiaire Collective were so astounded with the outcome that they decided to run a 2nd US campaign which delivered 2.6M views whilst maintaining a similar CPI.

3.Wrap Me In Plastic

At Fanbytes, we have collaborated with 2,000+ artists from all over the world and know a thing or two about how to marry songs and influencers to concoct the perfect recipe for roaring success.

‘Wrap Me In Plastic’, a song by Chromance and Marcus Layton, is an example of a song that took the TikTok world by storm after working with us to create a tailored approach. It had already gained some traction amongst the cosplay community and surpassing 100k videos on TikTok at a steady rate. We were tasked with really supercharging the song globally on the platform - in particular across the US, UK, Russia, Brazil & Germany.

The results from this campaign completely blasted through the targets. Our first activation guaranteed 250k influencers, and we delivered by 9x more with 2.1 million+ views and a humongous 18.41% engagement rate. This wasn’t all - we inspired 25k+ user-generated content in the first two weeks.

Our second activation in Russia, Brazil, Germany & UK guaranteed 1.45 million views, and we delivered 6x more with 9.2M+ views. We also saw 1.5M+ new users make videos on the sound since the start of the activation and achieved a huge engagement rate of 20%.


Every successful TikTok marketing case study has common threads, all of which can be found through the 3 E’s: expertise, experience and efficiency. There are some real gems to take from these case studies

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