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Twitter Provides Tips on Effective Use of Twitter Lists for Social Media Managers

Twitter is working on putting more emphasis on lists. Lists are seen as a secret weapon within the app, meant to easily track and categorize different users, keep tabs on industry trends and updates.

Last September, Twitter added a new option which does the following :

  • Lists as swipeable

  • Alternate news feeds

  • Easy access to the latest updates of your chosen lists.

Here are Twitter’s four key social media manager list tips:

1. Use Twitter lists to keep your competitors close

Lists are an effective way to stay updated on your competitors and industry.

One of the greatest advantages of social media marketing is data. Don’t miss the opportunity to capitalize on that and monitor key shifts.

2. Showcase Twitter all-stars

By creating a separate list of top tweeting brands, you can learn a lot more about effective approaches, which will then inform your strategy.

3. Connect with peers in your segment

Twitter suggests that brands keep a list of industry peers, and sub-accounts operated by your parent business, r to stay in touch with relevant cross-promotional opportunities and ways to strategically align with new updates.

Extend this to potential partner brands, influencers, organizations, local groups

4. Consolidate social media news

Twitter also advises that social media managers consider setting up a specific list for social media industry news and platform updates. Set up a dashboard of lists to help keep tabs on relevant trends and changes, then it's definitely worth looking into, and these tips provide some great pointers as to how lists can redefine your tracking and research approach.

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