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Twitter Shares Examples of How Brands Are Using its New Tweet Reply Controls

Did you know that now you can decide who responds to your tweets and who doesn’t?

Yes, another new feature!

You have the following options:

  1. Everyone (the default, standard setting)

  2. Only people you follow

  3. Only people you mention

It has not been so widely used yet but some brands have found creative and interesting ways to apply the new restrictions, as Twitter's UK blog has highlighted in a new post.

Looking at brand usage of the option, Twitter UK has provided five examples, which could help get you thinking of how they might apply to your strategy.

Interesting ways to highlight the key feature:

1.Highlight a key message

Heineken used this feature to stop all replies to a tweet in order to highlight the key message.

2.Product Focus

Mark and Spencer has used the tweet reply controls a promotional message, to put more emphasis on the product itself, limiting subsequent debate and discussion.

3.More Intimate Twitter Chats

The English Football League recently held a Q and A session with broadcaster and speaker Charlie Webster for Mental Health Awareness Week.

4.Invite only discussion

This could be a good option for brand partners and affiliates - as demonstrated by KitKat, you can use the controls to focus the discussion onto key players.

5. Rhetorical Questions as Jokes

Twitter actually used the exact same joke in its announcement of the option, taking away the reply option, so they're only left with one choice.

Read the original article here


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