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Types of Branding Strategies and How to Select One

You know you want to differentiate yourself as a business but you have a hard time deciding what sort of branding strategy to use?

Here are some of the strategies you can use :

Personal Branding- Used for a personality like politician, celebrity, athlete etc

Product Branding - This is very popular type of branding used for products

Corporate Branding - Core values and philosophies developed to make a brand stand out e.g Nike

Service Branding - Using great service to leverage on customer needs. e.g Chick-fil-a

Co-Branding - A marketing partnership connecting two companies together

Online Branding - Using digital presence like website,blogs and social media

No Brand branding- This is minimalist branding

To select the best strategy for your business, you need to consider defining your brands identity,objectives and who your audience are. Additionally, you will need to consider your industry

There are best practices to adopt in this process like having perfect visual content, humanizing your content and keeping the conversation going by answering queries,addressing complaints,etc. Google is a good example of a company that does that consistently.

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